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R v. H (Gun Bail)


H was charged with careless usage of a firearm for shooting a gun in a field with his friends.  This happened right after the Eaton Center shooting and the Crown did not want to let H go.  Elliott got him out after a lengthy bail hearing and H went on to beat the charges. 



R v. N  (Over 80 and Impaired) (DUI)


Elliott reviewed my case and immediately contacted the Crown.  He pointed out the weaknesses and convinced the Crown to give me a careless driving charge which helped me to avoid a criminal conviction. 


R v. M  (Fraud Over $5000)


M was charged with fraud.  The Crown was adamant that M should go to jail.  Upon the date of trial Elliott pointed out that the Crown did not have the proper documents to proceed and they were forced to withdraw. 


R v. A  (Assault)


A friend and I were charged with assaulting a guy at our gym.  The guy who accused us made everything up because he was angry that my friend had broken up with his sister.  Elliott pointed out all of the holes in the story and got me acquitted.  


R v. T  (Drug Conspiracy)


I was charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine along with a large group of individuals.  Elliott planned a preliminary hearing.  He managed to write such a convincing argument that the Crown withdrew my charges without us even having to attend the preliminary hearing. 





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