• Elliott Willschick

The Danger of Electronic Communication

Who doesn't love the smartphone? It gives people the freedom to be in different places and to conduct their lives while being in touch with the people they need to stay in touch with. We are all aware of the downside of this. Law enforcement have the potential to access our information such as our contacts, messages and even our locations.

As a Toronto Criminal Lawyer, I always advise clients to consider that anything and everything they say may be intercepted and monitored. People need to assume that whatever they say or do can later be reproduced in Court. Criminal Harassment and domestic assault charges often have these types of messages reproduced for Court. There have been countless times where I have sat in Court and heard messages such as countless where are you, why haven't you called or I'll find you and get you. Please think before you send your next message. Just because you can send it, doesn't mean you should. Donald Trump can attest to that


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