Has one of your family members or friends been arrested? Their initial time in custody can be traumatic for everyone involved. A Toronto Bail hearing is one of the most crucial stages in the legal process.


Family and friends are responsible for finding the right lawyer and acting as sureties for the accused. Elliott will work with you to get the best plan of release so that the accused can be free from custody and in the best position to fight their charges.



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Within a week of the Eaton Center shooting, a 19 year old  with a minor record was arrested for shooting a gun in a field with some friends in Barrie, ON.   The crown wanted to detain him.  They argued that he posed a danger and that the public would not feel safe in light of the recent events.  The client was released after a highly contested bail hearing.


A man was  charged with theft over $5000, possession of master keys and theft of transport truck with nearly $20,000 of goods.  He was alleged to have been in possession of a set of master keys which he used to steal the truck.  There was GPS evidence of where the truck had been as well as surveillance video of the entire operation. 


The Crown had made an offer of a lenghty jail sentence which the client did not want to accept.  The charges were dismissed at the end of a preliminary hearing as Elliott valiantly fought against each piece of evidence to demonstrate the weaknesses in the Crown's case. 





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